Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Solutions

Discover how Health Plans and PBMs take control of their MTM programs with Agadia’s fully customizable web-based solution, RxMTM+


A Fully-Configurable Software Leveraged to Automate Your MTM Process

With evolving CMS requirement complexities around Medication Therapy Management Programs (MTMP), Health Plans and PBMs are challenged to incorporate a comprehensive approach into their benefit infrastructure. Under 423.153(d), a Part D sponsor must provide a MTM program that:

  • “Ensures optimum therapeutic outcomes for targeted beneficiaries through improved medication use
  • Reduces the risk of adverse events
  • Is developed in cooperation with licensed and practicing pharmacists and physicians
  • Describes the resources and time required to implement the program if using outside personnel and establishes the fees for pharmacists or others
  • May be furnished by pharmacists or other qualified providers
  • May distinguish between services in ambulatory and institutional settings
  • Is coordinated with any care management plan established for a targeted individual under a chronic care improvement program (CCIP)”

RxMTM+ gives Health Plans and PBMs the tools to efficiently manage and implement medication therapy management programs to meet these CMS requirements and address the needs for all lines of business. The solution provides flexibility to configure and define MTM program rules, and enables staff to seamlessly process MTM cases for any disease state.

RxMTM+ is leveraged to streamline workflow and clinical modules, increase staff productivity, consult patients in a quick and efficient way, and improve the quality of care.

Furthermore, Health Plans & PBMs are able to ensure proper patient therapy, save valuable time and money, meet CMS requirements for CMRs & TMRs, and prepare for audits with accessible reporting archives.


Helping You Achieve an Automated and Customized MTM Process

Pre-loaded and Customizable CMS MTM Criteria

Customizable Therapy Specific MTM Program

Advanced Analytics Engine to Identify Patients for MTM

Appointment Scheduling & Recorded Outreach Attempts

CMR & TMR Modules

Built in Document Management

Comprehensive Reporting Archives

MTM Best Practices


Combine with RxSentinel+ for a Holistic View of the Patient Profile.

Part D Star Ratings & Adherence Software

When combining these two powerful solutions, clients receive a holistic view of the patient that encompasses medication management from identifying medication-related problems to resolving any outstanding gaps-in-care.

Our streamlined workflow allows health care professionals to manage their patients’ medication and medication-related issues on a single screen that also includes the delivery of timely information to prescribers and pharmacies, all from a central location.

Addressing the Opioid Epidemic

Configure and Administer an Opioid and Controlled Substance Program

With its advance rules engine, RxSentinel+, allows you to easily identify eligible members for case management for opioids, controlled substances, Diabetes, DTM and MTM.

Configure an endless amount of disease management outreach initiations and docuementation including opioid management. 





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