Discover how health plans and pbms take control of their

Medication Therapy Management Programs

with Agadia’s fully customizable web-based solution, RxMTM+

Agadia’s Best-In-Class MTM Solution

A fully-customizable platform leveraged to automate your MTM process

Positioned to address evolving CMS guidelines, RxMTM+ puts the tools at your fingertips to ensure proper patient therapy, save valuable time and money, meet CMS requirements for CMRs & TMRs, and prepare for audits with accessible reporting archives.

Quick Facts

Improve the overall quality of care

With RxMTM+, you can streamline your workflow and increase productivity while spending less time and energy on identification, preparation, CMR/TMR completion and documentation, which will ultimately impact the quality of care.


Helping You Achieve an Automated and Customized MTM Process

Pre-loaded and Customizable CMS MTM Criteria

Customizable Therapy Specific MTM Program

Advanced Analytics Engine to Identify Patients for MTM

Appointment Scheduling & Recorded Outreach Attempts

CMR & TMR Modules

Built in Document Management

Comprehensive Reporting Archives

MTM Best Practices


Take Control of Your MTM Program

With the evolving nature and complexity of the healthcare industry, our focus on Medication Therapy Management (MTM) continues to grow exponentially, becoming essential in efforts to improve health care and achieve better health outcomes on reduced costs. Agadia’s solutions provide the nation’s Health Plans and PBMs with leading technology to address the challenges introduced by new regulations and policies surrounding their MTM programs.





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