Addressing the opioid epidemic requires more than just awareness—it demands strategic and efficient solutions. Health Plans and PBMs play a crucial role in curbing this crisis, and Agadia’s RxSentinel+ is at the forefront, empowering organizations to configure and administer robust Opioid and Controlled Substance Programs.

Understanding the Landscape: The opioid epidemic presents a multifaceted challenge, demanding tailored interventions for effective management. Health Plans and PBMs need comprehensive tools to identify eligible members and implement targeted case management. RxSentinel+ rises to the occasion with its advanced rules engine, allowing seamless identification of members requiring intervention in areas such as opioids, controlled substances, Diabetes, DTM, and MTM.

Integrated Communication Modules: Effective communication is paramount in managing opioid and controlled substance programs. RxSentinel+ integrates Communication Modules that enable efficient notifications to both patients and providers. This ensures a cohesive approach, keeping everyone in the care loop informed and engaged.

Predictive Tracking Measures: RxSentinel+ goes beyond basic intervention by providing predictive tracking measures. Health Plans and PBMs can now gauge patient adherence over a defined period, allowing for proactive adjustments to intervention strategies. This foresight ensures that the approach is dynamic and responsive to evolving patient needs.

Endless Customization for Disease Management: One size doesn’t fit all in disease management outreach, especially when dealing with opioids. RxSentinel+ offers limitless configurations for outreach initiations and documentation, including the critical realm of opioid management. This flexibility allows Health Plans and PBMs to tailor their strategies to the unique characteristics of their member population.

The Agadia Advantage: Agadia’s RxSentinel+ emerges as the go-to solution, providing a comprehensive toolkit to navigate the opioid epidemic. By combining advanced technology, predictive analytics, and a commitment to patient-centric care, RxSentinel+ stands as a pivotal player in driving positive health outcomes.

Empower Your Approach: Health Plans and PBMs can take proactive steps toward addressing the opioid epidemic with RxSentinel+. Schedule a demo today and witness how this innovative solution is reshaping the landscape of opioid and controlled substance management.

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