The following article, “ Medication Therapy Management : Benefits and Cost Savings ” talks to the potential benefits and importance of implementing a Medication Therapy Management, or MTM program to provide better patient care. With the growing concern and downfalls of medication mismanagement, having MTM programs in place is essential to address the problem.

“Problems related to medications and the mismanagement of medications is estimated to lead to 1.5 million preventable adverse events each year, resulting in $177 billion in injury and death according to the American Pharmacists Association (APhA).”

Health Plans are now adopting these services as a way to offer their members a higher level of care, however, they are increasingly pressured to adhere to growing requirements while sustaining, if not reducing, their existing workflow. With Agadia’s Medication Therapy Management solution, RxMTM+, Health Plans can overcome these challenges to drastically improve productivity, process automation, and overall quality of care.

RxMTM+ is a fully customizable platform leveraged to automate a Health Plan’s MTM process and is positioned to address evolving CMS guidelines enabling Health Plans to ensure proper patient therapy, save valuable time and money, and meet CMS requirements.

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