The AIS Health Plan Week issue dated December 21, 2015 featured the following article, Headcounts Likely Will Shift, Shrink Amid Insurers’ Strategic Reviews of Admin Costs.

Early December brought news that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan is preparing to cut $300 million in expenses by 2018, which will likely lead to layoffs as the insurer faces localized pressures from intense market competition and re-examines spending that has swelled to prepare for changes brought on by the Affordable Care Act (ACA)…. Read Full Story

In response, Agadia issued the following statement:

As made apparent in the above article, the healthcare industry is rapidly evolving to adapt to a margin-stricken, high-pressure environment, leaving Health Plans questioning how they’ll reach their goals on reduced administrative costs. In parallel, innovative technologies in today’s market allow these Health Plans to maintain their productivity levels despite such cut-backs.

Agadia is leading the way in addressing these evolving needs by providing cost-effective solutions that drive operational efficiencies through automation. Our technology offerings span across a continuum of healthcare management needs such as electronic prior authorization, formulary benefit design, medication therapy management, star ratings and adherence. After converting to our solutions, some Health Plans experienced productivity gains as high as 133%, while others have seen annual peak volumes handled with only 70% of previous staffing levels.

Contact us today to find out how our innovative solutions can help you prepare as the healthcare industry landscape continues to evolve.

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