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Meet All of Your CMS
Star Ratings Requirements


RxSentinel+ – Agadia’s Star Ratings & Adherence Solution


RxSentinel+ Overview

Non-Adherence is costly to managed care organizations and can negatively impact CMS Star Ratings and reimbursement levels.

Our Star Ratings & Medication Adherence software, RxSentinel+, allows Health Plans and PBMs to customize programs leading to better patient outcomes, higher levels of adherence and improved CMS Star Ratings. RxSentinel+ makes it easier to track, monitor and report on the CMS star rating measures. RxSentinel+ enables health plans and benefit managers to design and manage patient safety and medication adherence programs to achieve higher Clinical and Formulary medication compliance.

How You’ll Benefit from RxSentinel+


Part D Star Ratings Improved Patient Outcomes

Improved Patient Outcomes

Part D Star Ratings Appropriate Utilization

Appropriate Utilization

Part D Star Ratings Higher Levels of Adherence

Higher Levels of Adherence

Part D Star Ratings Higher Clinical and Formulary Compliance

Clinical and Formulary Compliance

RxSentinel+™ Features

The ability to identify, communicate and counsel non-adherent patients will provide a distinct head start in improving patient adherence to medications.

RxSentinel+ takes the next step in adherence management by letting the customer define all the requirements for identification and intervention through the simple to use, set-up functions. Features include:


Part D Star Ratings Guidelines

Pre-Configured CMS Star Rating Guidelines & Measures

Part D Star Ratings Measures

Star Rating Measures for High-Risk Meds, Dangerous Drug Interactions, Antiretrovirals, and D15-D18 Measures

Part D Star Ratings Adherence Criteria

Flexible Configuration of Adherence Criteria Definitions for Managing and Disease State(s)

Utilization Management

Built-in High-Touch and Low-Touch Communication Modules

Utilization Management

Integrated Communication Modules to Manage Notifications to Patients and Providers

Medication Adherence

Adherence Engine for Analyzing High Volume Claims

Medication Adherence

Predictive Tracking Measures for Patient Adherence Over a Period of Time

Medication Adherence

Management & Administration of Incentive Campaigns for Clinical and Formulary Adherence


Meet All of Your CMS Star Ratings Requirements

The CMS Star Ratings program has introduced the critical need to improve quality of care and expedite the delivery of critical health care services while operating in a cost-effective environment. Health Plans and PBMs able of demonstrating exceptional quality of care, better patient outcomes, and improved adherence will benefit greatly.

With the help of Agadia’s innovative technology solutions, Health Plans and PBMs can improve upon their Part D Star Ratings, productivity, adherence and overall quality of care.

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