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Maximize the Value of Your
Formulary Benefit Design


RxBenefit+ – Agadia’s Formulary Benefit Design Solution


Our Formulary Benefit Design solution, RxBenefit+, allows you to control the building, implementation and maintenance of custom and standard formularies. With RxBenefit+, you can easily “mix and match” modules such as; Preferred Alternatives, Copays and financial parameters, POS Coverage Edits and Administration Types (Open, Incentive, Closed) with any appropriate formulary file.

How You’ll Benefit from Using RxBenefit+


Formulary Benefit Design Ensure Compliance

Ensure CMS Compliance

Formulary Benefit Design Save Time and Money

Save Valuable Time and Money

Formulary Benefit Design Audit Trail

Maintain an Audit Trail on Formularies

Formulary Benefit Design Administrative Flexibility

Administration Flexibility

RxBenefit+ Features

Formulary Benefit Design Custom Formularies

Unlimited Custom and/or Standard Formularies

Formulary Benefit Design Automation

Automated Maintenance Process

Formulary Benefit Design CMS Reference Guide

CMS Formulary Reference Guide

Formulary Benefit Design Audit Prep

Formulary File Change & Production Update Reporting for Audit Preparation

Formulary Benefit Design Automated File Generation

Automated File Generation for POS Claims Processing

Formulary Benefit Design Mix and Match Modules

Mix & Match Modular Components

Formulary Benefit Design Guide Production

On-line Formulary Guide Production

Formulary Benefit Design Implementation and Maintenance

Implementation & Maintenance Control


Maximize the Value of Your Formulary Benefit Design


With the help of Agadia’s innovative technology solution, RxBenefit+, Health Plans and PBMs can easily facilitate the production of formulary guides on-line, ensure compliance with CMS requirements, and have full control over the building, implementation and maintenance of custom and standard formularies. In addition, RxBenefit+ maintains an audit trail on all formulary file changes and configuration production updates in preparation for future releases.

With the use of the CMS Formulary Reference File, Health Plans and PBMs are able to build a new Medicare Formulary, update an existing one or compare changes to ensure compliance. Once a formulary is completed, clients also have the capability to submit content to CMS for approval.

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