Discover how health plans and pbms
maximize the value of their

Formulary Benefit Design

with Agadia’s fully customizable web-based solution, RxBenefit+

Agadia’s Formulary Benefit Design Solution

Control the building, implementation and maintenance of custom and standard formularies

With RxBenefit+, you can easily “mix and match” modules such as; Preferred Alternatives, Copays and financial parameters, POS Coverage Edits and Administration Types (Open, Incentive, Closed) with any appropriate formulary file.

Quick Facts

Easily facilitate the production of formulary guides on-line

and ensure compliance with CMS requirements. In addition, RxBenefit+ maintains an audit trail on all formulary file changes and configuration production updates in preparation for future releases.


Helping You Manage Your
Formulary Benefit Design

Unlimited Custom and/or Standard Formularies

Automated Maintenance Process

CMS Formulary Reference Guide

Formulary File Change & Production Update Reporting for Audit Preparation

Automated File Generation for POS Claims Processing

Mix & Match Modular Components

On-line Formulary Guide Production

Implementation & Maintenance Control


Meet All of Your CMS Requirements

With the use of the CMS Formulary Reference File, Health Plans and PBMs are able to build a new Medicare Formulary, update an existing one or compare changes to ensure compliance. Once a formulary is completed, clients also have the capability to submit content to CMS for approval.





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