Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)

Utilization Management Solutions


PAHub is uniquely designed to automate the end-to-end management of Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) across all healthcare services, all lines of business, and all channels.

Real-time integration with the nation’s leading enterprise systems, EMR vendors and physician portals is paying dividends to many of Agadia’s clients in streamlining the prior authorization process.

Electronic Prior Authorization Software


Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Utilization Management Solutions

Our MTM solution, RxMTM+, is a fully-customizable platform used to automate your MTM process. Positioned to address evolving CMS guidelines, RxMTM+ enables you to ensure proper patient therapy, save valuable time and money, meet CMS requirements for CMRs & TMRs, and prepare for audits with accessible reporting archives.

Medication Therapy Management Software


Part D Star Ratings

Utilization Management Solutions

Our Star Ratings & Medication Adherence software, RxSentinel+, allows our clients to customize programs leading to better patient outcomes, higher levels of adherence and improved CMS star ratings. RxSentinel+ makes it easier to track, monitor and report on the CMS star rating measures.

Part D Star Ratings Software


Formulary Benefit Design

Utilization Management Solutions

Our Formulary Benefit Design solution, RxBenefit+, allows you to control the building, implementation and maintenance of custom and standard formularies. With RxBenefit+, you can easily “mix and match” modules such as; Preferred Alternatives, Copays and financial parameters, POS Coverage Edits and Administration Types (Open, Incentive, Closed) with any appropriate formulary file.

Formulary Benefit Design Software